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Stop visit log ‘falsification’ by embracing verification technology

The homecare sector has again made the headlines for all the wrong reasons, over shadowing the millions of hours of good care delivered, with a focus on dishonesty and poor standards of care.
An investigation by The Sunday Times and Channel 4’s Dispatches program exposed a number of concerns, particularly the practice of call clipping - falsifying records to indicate more care had been delivered than was actually the case.

Keeping handwritten records of time spent on care visits has always been open to abuse. Monitoring software records care visit information, which empowers Providers and Authorities with vital real-time evidence of care taking place. If visits are running late or missed, those organising the care receive real-time alerts so action can be taken. Detailed management information means that visits that are regularly shorter (or longer) than planned can easily be identified and the care needs reviewed.
Whilst over half of Local Authorities in the UK stipulate some sort of electronic visit monitoring, the only way to gain a full overarching view of service delivery is to ensure all Providers are using the same system which the Local Authority procures on their behalf. The constant pressure on social care budgets has led some Authorities to allow Providers to self-monitor, which means they lose transparency and control - leaving them, and services users, vulnerable to quality issues. 
A Provider’s reputation, and ultimately the Local Authority’s duty of care, rely on the honesty and integrity of those at the front-line. CM2000’s CallConfirmLive! not only provides valuable evidence of real-time care delivery, it also monitors the quality of services being delivered, through service users' satisfaction and feedback from their circle of support. In addition, CallConfirmLive! records care assessments and progress towards individual outcomes ensuring service users receive the care they need, when they need it.

CM2000 has a wealth of experience implementing visit monitoring solutions which offer significant cost and quality benefits. For more information call our Business Development team on 0121 308 3010 or email 

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