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CM2000 stepping up to the Dementia 2020 challenge

CM2000 welcome the Prime Minister’s ‘Challenge on Dementia 2020’ with its objective of making England the best place in the world for dementia care, support, research and awareness.

Within the research section of the detailed implementation plan it recognises the importance of fostering links between academics, industry and practitioners of care.

CM2000 are already working with Birmingham City University and Westminster Homecare on an exciting project that promotes recognition of the early indicators of dementia, enabling early intervention and better pathway support.

The project, known as UNTAPPED (Utilising Novel Techniques to Assess Predictive Patterns in Early Dementia), aims to change attitudes and outcomes.  UNTAPPED hopes to alter the way we consider, prepare for, identify and live with dementia in order to empower those at risk, improve patient outcomes and reduce the cost to the health service.  It embraces predictive modelling technology to identify ‘social markers’ and uses under-explored social and behavioural indicators to identify dementia risk up to 10-15 years earlier.

Whilst the UNTAPPED project will be of interest in relation to Dementia 2020 priorities such as giving people the opportunity to plan ahead through advanced care planning and allowing people to live in their own home independently for longer, its focus falls under the core theme of risk reduction. 

The Dementia 2020 Implementation Plan reinforces that “dementia isn’t an inevitable part of aging” and highlights the growing body of evidence to suggest that it is possible to reduce an individual’s risk of dementia.

The UNTAPPED project is on track to deliver a Dementia Support Toolkit which monitors risk indicators in prediction, prevention, early support intervention for citizens, family and care givers alike. 

Mark Thomas, Managing Director of CM2000 says “There is clearly a lot of work being done to raise awareness of dementia, and support  those affected. What’s interesting about the UNTAPPED project is its focus on identifying the risks of dementia at a much earlier stage, empowering those at risk to take action.”

Ardavan Amini, Professor of Enterprise Systems at Birmingham City University, adds “The UNTAPPED project provides us with an opportunity to create tools that support recognition of early indications of cognitive impairment. This will contribute to the national agenda of enabling people with dementia to live well in their communities.”

The UNTAPPED project team is completed by well-established Care Provider, Westminster Homecare. All the partners are keen to unlock the potential of technology to make a difference to one of the biggest challenges facing society

For more information call 0121 308 3010 or email  

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